It’s just that sometimes… they have a tendency to complicate things a bit.

Remember that one time, not so long ago, we were named Jack & Jill Wedding Invitations? Man, those were good times – we loved that brand! We loved that it was easily recognizable, a couple, memorable, loved the word play with the hill, the water – etc, etc.

But – and this is where the lawyers come in – someone else loved it, too. And they happened to love it just a bit sooner than we did. Thus, our lawyers direction: we had to change. That was a sad day :(

In online business terms that is a huge deal! Logos, art, domains, servers, SEO, accounts – on and on and on – had to be changed.

We spent a long time working on the new brand, and we may even like it more that Jack & Jill. Can I  get a drum roll please:

Lovely Little Invitations!

Thanks for your interest in Jack & Jill thus far - join us in our new Lovely Little adventure!