A couple of months ago, we told one of our artists to spend just a couple of minutes making us some error pages – 404 pages. I expected about an hour of work, just putting something together that was clever. After a day went by and we hadn’t heard from him, we were getting worried that something had happened to him – how long does it take to just make a simple graphic right? Well – what he made for us – was SO worth the time…

We know, we know, this isn’t a post about wedding invitations or save the date cards – it doesn’t actually have anything to do with weddings – we know, odd – but we just had to show the world, the graphics that hopefully you never see. (you only see a 404 page when something went wrong)

We also wanted to say: We have the best 404 pages anywhere.

Let me introduce them to you – there are 4:

Oh My Gourd

“Oh My Gourd” – Give it a click, it deserves to be seen full screen.

Warning – after seeing this image, walking past Gourds in the grocery store is never the same.

So remembering that you only see this page when there is a problem – OH. MY. Gourd – is a pretty dang good reaction, if we say so. I was out and about with my wife, in a grocery store, and man did I wish I had a camera to capture that look after I said what you will undoubtedly say – OH. MY. Gourd.

There's something fishy

“There’s something fishy” – go on, click it, see it in its beauty.

I don’t know what type of fish that is, but Disney’s Finding Nemo has pointed me in the direction of a flounder. I don’t know how he came up with this stuff.

Dead Link

“Dead Link” – It is a friendly dead symbol?

Maybe a bit of explanation is helpful here – normally when you would be directed to a 404 page, you were directed by a link that is wrong, often called a dead link. I leave the artist alone for a couple of hours and this is what he comes up with. I now leave him alone all the time.

A very, very bad link

“A very, very bad link” – is this the best of them? I’ll say, yes – unless I have to say that to my mom – she has a limited sense of humor.

Well i can’t say too much more about this one – other than we had a brief discussion to ensure that it was appropriate. I don’t remember that conversation, but I don’t think we dubbed it “appropriate”. I remember commenting that it wouldn’t be seen that much, and it is fun if you have a fun sense of humor. (So much for not being seen – HA!)

If you want to see it in the site – you have to goto a page that doesn’t actually exist – so to bring back in wedding invitations again – you could goto any page under http://www.lovelylittleinvitations.com that doesn’t exist. Like: /weddinginvitationsrock or /saveTHISdate or some such.

If you think you have a better 404 page, let me know – I already disagree.

(one of the admins over here)