The Little Wedding Insert Card That Tried

The road to hell is paved with…something.~ Anonymous

The following story may not have happened yet, but the names have been changed to protect the guilty anyway. For our purposes, we will refer to the incident as the Case of The Wedding Insert Card That Tried and give the families involved the surnames of Smith and Jones.

It all started when Simon Jones met and fell in love with Nancy Smith and James Smith met and fell in love with Betty Jones. The two couples made plans to marry and set about preparing for their grand day completely unaware of the other couple’s existence.

Nancy and Simon had been formally engaged for six months, decided on their wedding location, their color scheme and their guest list, and now it was time to select their wedding stationery and get this show on the road.

Nancy thought of everything or so she believed. She hired a printer to print all of the wedding stationery, including the wedding invitations and insert cards. He meant well; really he did. The strange little man with horn-rimmed glasses was responsible for a mis-print on the wedding invitation of both families concerning the location of the ceremony although the names of both of the churches were correct.

The little man with the horn-rimmed glasses was mortified at the enormity of his error. His explanation was that he was overworked and there was another family set named Smith and Jones whose invitations he was also printing and he confused the information. (This meant that another couple had their wedding info and vice verse.)

He offered a solution. He would print a new set of insert cards with the right information for the invitees from both sets of families and foot the cost of mailing them out as well.

But the strange little man in horned rim glasses did it again as he placed the inserts in the wrong envelopes and the invitees to both weddings received insert cards meant for the other families. In the end, two couples got married before a group of well-meaning perfect strangers while a strange little man in horned rimmed glasses cried and finally put on the pair of glasses the doctors gave him for reading.

The moral of the story is that you can’t keep a good wedding insert card down or up or anywhere else for that matter.