Awesome Guy Ringing a Bell

So i think wedding invitations may be a little like this guy - which just by looking at him - is awesome.

Here Ye! Here Ye! We are GETTING MARRIED!


You yell this to the world. You are just that excited – it’s a shame however, that your ungrateful cat and perhaps the unfortunate neighbors are the only ones that can hear.

So, resigned to the fact that you need to get the word out in a more traditional way, you succumb to ye olde idea of wedding reception invitations instead.

It’s not all bad. There’s color schemes, finalizing guest list (and culling them by half), ordering the stunning wedding receptions cards and getting excited…again, hurrah!

So you send them off…

And then you wait…

And wait…

And apart from your Great Aunt, whom your mother insisted on inviting anyway, there’s nothing. Nadda. No replies.

How could they do this to you?

My, oh my, did I even put my return address on them? You think, panicking and checking the wedding reception template that you’ve kept.

Yep, address is there.

So whattttttttttt happened?

Well I have an answer. Not an excuse for rudeness. But an explanation all the same.

People are spoilt.

Spoilt with fast-paced technology, ding-donging inboxes and machines with brains. Simply put, if it can’t be ‘replied to’, ‘retweeted’, or ‘liked’ these days, then we are LAZY, and don’t bother replying.

An alternative explanation is that your wedding reception invite may have entered what is colloquially known as ‘The Abyss’. Or, in laymen’s terms; the pile of junk that is the bottom drawer in the kitchen, where all good batteries go to die.

In either case, you can avoid this by duplicating your reception cards on your social network. How easy would it be to just click ‘attending’ on Facebook, rather than go all that way to the post office?!

Lovely Little Invitations offer a service that will let all your friends know about your big day, even if the postman should ‘forget’ to deliver your very special invitation.

This constant, accessible reminder will contain all the pertinent details of your big day and render the lazy techno-addicts helpless against their resistance to R.S.V.P.