You’ll keep Little Bo Peep!


Some people like being part of the flock; they fluff about in their white froufrou woollens (or wedding gowns) and follow whatever latest trend is going on. But not you…You are a one of a kind type of gal, so you expect your unique wedding invitations to be just that – unique!

Maybe you are a rockabilly miss, or a pink power princess…perhaps you will just dieeeeeeee unless your wedding invitations are chartreuse colored die-cut spaceships embellished with teeny-tiny Swarovski jewels. Errr….whatever floats your boat I guess.

But in the end, it’s your day and as such you should make sure you work your individual style into the wedding invitation template that most suits you. If you like purple, go for the brightest shades of violets and indigos that you can find. If you like cartoons, well incorporate some fun text and groovy artwork into your wedding invites. If you want elegant wedding invitations so laden with bronze and bows and bold typefaces – just do it! There’s no point in being a timid Little Bo Peep, because the only thing you’ll end up feeling is sheepish on your big day.