The wedding thank you notes that you send out will signal a massive *sigh* moment…

Some will sigh relieved and happy, ‘Well done me, that’s a good job over with.’

Some will sigh in sadness, ‘Waaaah! That was so fun. Can’t we do it again?’

And others will simply sigh before collapsing into a heap of sheer exhaustion and post-marital-adrenaline-drain!

So make your wedding thank you cards conducive to your *sighing* and keep them straightforward and simple.

Stick to your original theme; was it floral? Funkadelic rocker? Or maybe even a color-combo? This will help you avoid going back to the drawing board and being overwhelmed with choices and style-swatches all over again. There are literally hundreds of wedding thank you cards to choose from, so don’t get bogged down at the finish line!

You can preorder your wedding thank you card at the same time as your other wedding stationary. This makes for zero decision making and means you can personalize them and get them out soon after your big day.

The choices you are dealing with post-wedding should be simple….like ‘Bacon and Eggs or Muesli?’…’Left or right side of the bed?’ and of course “but which way do we hang the toilet roll!’


Couple-relaxing-on-beach after sending out the Wedding Thank You Notes