I’ve just seen the single most greatest ever idea for a unique wedding thank you notes!

They were very simple, printed in silvery-gray ink on a lovely cream card stock – and they had recipes on them… Mmmmm, yes me likey the food muchly!

At this particular cool-couple’s wedding, they turned on an amazing buffet style feast of the senses, foods strewn from one end of a trestle table to the other. Each of the families (one Irish, one Indian in genealogy) made their specialty dishes. Mums, dads, aunts and cousins all chipping in to make the fare.

Not only was it a welcome change from the usual alternating of ‘chicken or beef’, ‘beef or chicken’, but it was also de-lic-ious!!!

So following this, you can just imagine my screams of delight when the postman delivered my wedding thank you card blazon with two of the most popular family recipes from the most auspicious affair; Irish stew with dumplings and Beef Rendang Curry….Mmmmmm! Yes, finally, wedding thank you notes that actually have a purpose, hurrah!

Yes, I sometimes like a picture of the happy couple showing off on some random Hawaiian beach; and sometimes I like a Polaroid of the group that attended (where my head looks suspiciously pin-like). However, YES, YES, gimmee gimmee food and a family tradition and you can bet your bacon that it’s one wedding thank you card that will be kept forever – Oh, and it will make me squeal like a pig (and eat like one) out of sheer foodie delight!