Here at Lovely Little Invitations, we get to see all the latest invitation trends, including the hottest colors, most popular designs, and fun, new embellishments. One of our favorite trends is the rise in popularity of pink wedding invitations. If you’re a girly bride with a groom that isn’t afraid of showing his feminine side, this color might be right up your alley.

With so many shades to pick from, you can use pink to set a variety of tones for your wedding day. Feeling romantic? Choose a sultry shade, like scarlet or magenta. Or, want a softer touch of femininity for your special day? Opt for a lighter shade of pink or blush to create a girly vibe without being flashy.

If this dainty hue is your chosen wedding color, get inspired with some of our favorite pink wedding invitations:

Pink Wedding Invitations

• One of our most popular pink invitations is the Powdered Pink Solution. It’s a simple design without frills or curlicues, but the light background and quirky characters make it an ethereal yet playful choice. It’s sure to bring a smile to all who receive it!

• If you want your wedding to ooze with love, choose a design with hearts, like our Scarlet Love Swirl invitations. Some heart designs come across as cheesy, but this one combines them with swirls to create an elegant and eye-catching duo. These invitations send an unmistakable message to your guests: two hearts are uniting, and they look forward to sharing their love with all of their guests.

• For a more timeless choice, consider a neutral invitation with a bit of pink, like these Blush Point invitations, which are also available in scarlet. Its clean lines, modern fonts, and polka dots are the perfect balance between girliness for you and classic simplicity for your groom. If you’re looking for an understated design that pleases both sides, this type of invitation may be a good fit for you.

• Some pink lovers adore the color but don’t want to be too bold. If subtlety is more your style, pick an invitation with pink details or accent colors, like this Cherise Heart Strings design. It’s a nice way to add a touch of love to your day without going overboard.

Choosing pink as one of your wedding colors speaks volumes about you and your fiancé. Its softness, femininity, and quiet grace let your guests know that you’re in love and not afraid to show it. Whether you incorporate lighter variations or richer hues, it’s bound to bring out the passion on your wedding day.

While we’ve shared some of our favorites, there are plenty more pink options to choose from. As you plan your wedding, visit to browse invitation designs, get helpful tips, and prepare for your big day.