Soulful Dual Monogram RSVP Card

Many brides use a wedding invitation RSVP or insert card as a catch-all for miscellaneous information that won’t fit on the main invitation. It’s tempting to tell your guests everything under the sun about your wedding, but doing things this way may confuse them and cause them to miss the most crucial items.

Use these helpful tips to provide your friends and family with the information they need and save you heartache from forgetting the details.

  • Don’t put need-to-know information on the wedding invitation RSVP.

Since your guests will be sending this card back to you, make sure they can find your wedding date, time, and location on a different part of the invitation. Otherwise, you may be getting some panicked calls as your event approaches from people who didn’t write it down before mailing your RSVP back.

  • If you discuss registry information, keep it discreet.

There are two schools of thought of registry information. Some say that it’s helpful for guests to know where you’re registered, while others think it’s inappropriate to put it on the invitation. Regardless of which route you take, be discreet. If you want to include it on the invitation, make sure it’s toward the bottom, in smaller type, or on a separate insert card to avoid coming off as greedy or tacky. If you prefer not to include it, share the information on your wedding website, or tell you immediate family where you’re registered so they can spread the word.

  • Include written directions to the ceremony and reception.

Maps may seem like a good idea, but they can be distracting and tough to follow. Instead, share written directions that are clear and adequate for attendees coming from different locations. Also, make sure to use major streets or highways, not shortcuts or untraditional ways that may confuse out-of-town guests.

  • Tell your guests if a meal will be served.

Attendees assume there will be food and drinks at your wedding, and many plan their day around when they expect to eat next. If you plan on only serving appetizers or a light meal, tell your guests ahead of time so they can eat beforehand. Or, if you’re planning on offering enough food to feed an army, let them know there will be a full dinner so they save room. Your friends and family will appreciate the heads-up!


No matter what kind of inserts and RSVPs you decide to include, always air on the side of clear communication, and make sure your closest family and friends know the details so they can answer any questions. Visit for more tips, advice, and resources on everything wedding-related.