It doesn’t hurt to add a little humor to RSVP cards for weddings (or any part of a wedding for that matter). There is no law written that states RSVP cards have to be boring and uninteresting. They certainly can be formal and traditional, but why not dare to be different and make them unique and humorous?

If your plan is to have a formal wedding, this may not be the appropriate route to take. However, if the tone of your event is casual and a bit humorous, we’ll give you some wording food for thought. It’s important to be very clear about a few important factors even if you intend to get a little goofy.

First, let’s talk the ABCs of RSVPs:

A.     Indicate your “respond by” date. Clearly state the date your guests need to respond by. A good rule of thumb for the RSVP date is two weeks prior to your wedding date.

B.     Leave a place for guest names. This is the place where you can subtly or not–so-subtly state who is invited and who isn’t. Consider adding a line for names, and beneath it, write, “We have reserved (#) seats in your honor.” Alternately, use a line with “Name” or “Names” before it as an indicator of whether or not you’re planning for a plus one.

C.     Ask whether or not guests will attend. This is where you can get really creative with your wording. Don’t forget that the idea is to make your guests laugh, not confuse them.

grey and greeen rsvp cards for weddings


Instead of just saying “accepts with pleasure/declines with regrets,” consider these fun options depending on your theme:

  • “Oh yes, can’t wait!” and “Oh dear, can’t make it!”
  • “Can’t wait to be there” and “Party on without us”
  • “Deal me in” and “Sitting out”
  • “My bags are packed” and “I’ve lost my swimsuit”
  • “Will be there to celebrate in style!” “Will be there, style not guaranteed,” and “Can’t make it, intimidated by the abundance of style!”
  • “Will be there with bells on,” “Will be there free of bells,” “Will not be there; heard people will be wearing bells,” and “Will be there regardless of the bell controversy”
  • “Cheers (Gladly Accepts)” and “Toast From Afar (Regretfully Declines)”
  • “Aye aye!” and “Nay, can’t find my sea legs!”
  • “On board!” and “Sorry to miss the train!”
  • “Yes, I am ready to attack the dance floor” and “No, but I’ll forever regret this decision”

Use these ideas for inspiration, make up your own, and let your creative style run wild! Your guests will be pleasantly surprised by the funny responses they have to choose from and look forward to coming to your event. To browse RSVP cards for weddings and customize your witty wording, visit Lovely Little Invitations today.