Let’s start with the basics: what is a wedding invitation RSVP? These handy cards are included within your wedding invitations to request that your guests respond if they will attend your wedding. (RSVP comes from the French saying “répondez s’il vous plait,” which translates to “Please respond.”)

Black and Teal RSVP

So, why bother asking your guests to respond to your wedding? RSVPs are useful because they help avoid seating, catering, and venue disasters. Send out your wedding invitation RSVP, and keep track of replies to prevent ending up with too many “plus one” guests, having attendees you didn’t invite, or hosting half as many people as you planned for.

Not knowing how many guests will attend your wedding can have a ripple effect on your budget, happiness, and much more. Without RSVPs, you may not know how many people to plan for when creating your seating chart, ordering food, and selecting your venue. If you overestimate, you could end up wasting food, resources, and money on extra tables and chairs, decor, and a bigger event space. If you underestimate, you may not be able to fit or feed all of your family and friends, which could result in grumpy guests and a stressed out bride and groom.

In addition to simply including RSVP cards with your invitations, there are several things you can do to make them more effective, such as:

  • Setting a deadline so attendees respond in time to get a final headcount
  • Including return postage on the RSVP card to save your guests the hassle of buying stamps
  • Writing the number of seats you reserved for each party on the RSVP card so the guest can’t invite more people

In addition to these ways that help your attendees, you also can make the process easier for you and your fiancé by creating a numbered guest list and discretely including the corresponding numbers on each guest’s RSVP. People often write their name illegibly or forget to write it all, which makes it difficult to tell who responded. By numbering the RSVPs, you’ll know who each one is from and have a running list of people to call when the deadline passes. (Bonus tip: Use a light pencil mark or a glow-in-the-dark pen as an easy way to number response cards without making it obvious.)

There is a lot to plan and organize for your wedding, but these simple steps for RSVPs can save you time and frustration. Visit Lovely Little Invitations to browse sets of wedding invitations and RSVP cards, get wedding planning advice, and prepare for one of the best days of your life.