Wedding Invitations

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Now that you've decided to get married, what's next? No, not the gift registry! It's time to find the perfect wedding invitations - that red KitchenAid mixer comes after the wedding. Notify your family and friends of your big day with our photo wedding invitations. Wedding invitations with pictures have grown in popularity because they add personality and charm to traditional invitations. Photo wedding invites showcase your love in style and delight your guests more than plain words on a page ever could. Choose from one of the hundreds of designs and products below, polish those pearly whites, grab your significant other and smile for the camera. Everyone's going to love these!

On your list of the many things you have to do in order to get this wedding off the ground is to select those unique wedding invitations that will reflect your own specific tastes and lifestyle. There are a myriad of exclusive designs, diverse card stocks and a range of rich colors to choose from at Lovely Little Invitations creations and it may take more time than you realize to select from the many options available.

Pick a theme style and color that will carry through all of your wedding stationery. Shopping for wedding invitations should come right after you decide on your wedding color scheme and theme, but don't wait too long as you want to allow plenty of time to send them out and get them back through the mail. The paper magicians at Lovely Little Invitations are ready to perform whenever you are.