Response Cards

Perhaps as a harried bride with so many things to do in preparation for the big day you may be thinking, ‘why bother with the RSVP?’ Maybe you think that people will let you know whether or not they are coming to… < more >

Also known as a response card, the RSVP is often included in the standard wedding invitation and is intended for the caterers and wedding planners. It tells those organizing your wedding how many guests will be attending, which translates into how many… < more >

Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing. ~ Mark Twain There is no law written anywhere that states that RSVP cards have to be boring and uninteresting. They certainly can be formal and traditional, but why not dare be different and make them unique… < more >

Wedding invitations and response cards lend a formal flourish to any significant affair, and they politely imply that a response is required from all of your guests. Make sure that no one is left out on your special day - not even cousin Joey who's more than enjoying his freshmen year of college - with designer wedding invitation rsvp cards from Lovely Little Invitations. Peruse our rsvp cards for weddings below to get started. (Joey might need the extra nudge.)

RSVP Cards have been around for a long time, serve a very important purpose and lend a thoroughly formal flourish to any significant affair. They indicate to wedding planners how many people will attend, how many won't and how many may have taken that envelope and, well, done other things with it.

RSVP cards help the planners of your wedding make arrangements to comfortably accomodate all of the wedding guests in terms of available food, service, seating arrangements, etc. Selecting the right wording for the RSVP message as well as the font that suits your particular tastes and wedding stationery theme, does not have to be standardized or commonplace. No two RSVP cards are necessarily the same. At Lovely Little Invitations, there are many designs to choose from and you can you can create your own unique message in your own particular style.