Save The Date

Why should you as a busy bride-to-be bother to send out Save The Date Cards when a wedding invitation is in the air anyway? The answer is because you want to give your guests enough time to alter their work schedules and… < more >

Ok. Basketball on Monday with the boy-child. Karate Tuesday afternoon as well… just after toddler and mummy swim session with bubs. Wednesday morning the fair-daughter needs to be packed off to camp and the husband reminded to take a plate to work…. < more >

In ye olden days, parents of a betrothed couple would hold a grand soirĂ©e announcing the upcoming nuptials to the whole village. Save the date invitations were unheard of and probably unnecessary – families of this time didn’t have The Super Bowl… < more >

Announcing the news of your up and coming nuptials on loud speakers in libraries or shouting it from rooftops or burning buildings is certainly dramatic, but such actions will not impress family and friends as much as our wedding save the dates. Opt for a traditional (and safer) method of professing your love for one another with our photo save the dates. Nothing says amour like giving your hubby a smooch or gazing into each other's eyes (for those less public love birds). Capture your love in your wedding save the date cards, and give guest a sneak peek of the gorgeous couple gettin' hitched.

Browse our traditional wedding save the dates and photo save the dates to find the perfect design that captures your style. Be yourselves - save that date!

Wedding save the date cards will make it impossible for any invited guest to claim they developed amnesia and forgot to attend the most important day of your life. Demands to circle the date on the calendar should be written in red ink resembling blood, so that your guests know you mean business when you invite them to this special event.

You can choose your unique save the date cards from our diverse styles and designs, but wait until you are in a good mood before making your selection. If you shop for your cards on a rainy or snowy day or one where your hair refuses to obey, your frustration may well unfold in your selection. This can cause orange and pink polka-dots, neon stripes and other unpleasant distractions to appear, blocking the good taste required to select the perfect save the date wedding card for you.