Thank You Cards

The wedding thank you notes that you send out will signal a massive *sigh* moment… Some will sigh relieved and happy, ‘Well done me, that’s a good job over with.’ Some will sigh in sadness, ‘Waaaah! That was so fun. Can’t we… < more >

A wedding thank you card is most likely the very last official chore you need to attend do, in regards to your wedding day. To be honest, it’s manners, and truly not that horrendous a task anyhow. To help make it as… < more >

I’ve just seen the single most greatest ever idea for a unique wedding thank you notes! They were very simple, printed in silvery-gray ink on a lovely cream card stock – and they had recipes on them… Mmmmm, yes me likey the… < more >

Express gratitude with Lovely Little wedding photo thank you cards. It's a piece of cake (wedding, of course) to utilize the vibrant colors and plush designs of our photo thank you cards. Meander through the photo thank you cards below, find your perfect match (card that is), tie in your colors, and send your guests on a trip down memory lane while they revisit your big day and how much fun they had being a part of it.

Sending thank you cards is the last step after the wedding party is really over. This gesture can and should leave a lasting positive impression on those generous guests who were there to help you celebrate on your special day. Memories, like ghosts, always linger, especially if you do this right. Be nice, be elegant and select your special thank you card, stock and pattern from a highly diverse color palette.

Saying thank you is more important than you might imagine, and whether you know it or not, it is an art form. It goes beyond being polite, as it signifies the effort of indicating a deep appreciation and gratitude; two features we dont see enough of in this troubled world in which we live. Create a lasting impression with you unique wedding thank you cards that come straight from the people at Lovely Little Invitations .